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With the rapid development of logistics and e-commerce and the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, fully biodegradable express packaging bags have gradually been vigorously promoted by the government and enterprises. Because they are considered to be fully biodegradable and more environmentally friendly, they are widely accepted Welcomed and recognized by many people. But is it really necessarily greener?

Industry experts believe that not all biodegradable express packaging bags can be degraded under natural conditions, and only under certain conditions such as composting, soil burial, and fresh water can they be synthesized into environmentally harmless substances. If collected improperly, it will not automatically degrade like ordinary plastic express bags. If it enters the ocean, it will not degrade automatically because there are no microbial enzymes available on land. According to statistics, only a small part of fully biodegradable express bags are professionally collected and disposed of under existing conditions. Therefore, it violates the original intention of using fully biodegradable express bags, and cannot bring real environmental benefits.

In order to solve the problem of using fully biodegradable courier bags, the real good solution is to use reusable courier bags and give up disposable consumption habits. This is a good way to reduce air pollution, reduce environmental burdens and protect the earth's resources. The second is to strictly carry out garbage classification. Biodegradable waste such as fully biodegradable express bags needs to be disposed of in a centralized manner. In this sense, recycling is not a fashion or trend, but a common task. Therefore, whether it is fully biodegradable express packaging bags and Plastic express packaging bags must be recycled in a centralized manner in order to achieve the goal of environmental protection.


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