• Flat garbage bag
  • Flat garbage bag
  • Flat garbage bag
Flat garbage bag

Material: fully degraded PLA corn starch, PBAT,Style: Roll type, can be customizedStyle: flat mouthColor: Blue, green, black, red, customizableCharacteristics: It is decomposed and digested by organis

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Material: fully degraded PLA corn starch, PBAT,

Style: Roll type, can be customized

Style: flat mouth

Color: Blue, green, black, red, customizable

Characteristics: It is decomposed and digested by organisms under certain conditions

Specifications: 18 / roll

Shelf life: moisture proof, prevent long time light, sealed storage conditions, can be stored for 12 months.

Garbage bags are an indispensable must-have item in our daily life, it can provide us with convenience, centralized storage of household garbage, bundled into small packets and easy to take away. However, now, most garbage bags are made of plastic materials, so the harm to the environment is gradually becoming prominent, and it has also become one of the main sources of solid waste.

Therefore, in order to reduce plastic pollution, we need to use garbage bags with degradable materials. Degradable material is a special biodegradable substance that can be rapidly decomposed in the natural environment, the principle of which is to increase the content of chemical additives in garbage bags, through the action of catalysts, so that the plastic molecular chain is easier to break, and eventually decay into gas and fertilizer. Garbage bags made with degradable materials can reduce plastic pollution and have less impact on the environment.

In addition, the flat-mouth garbage bag is not only convenient to use, but also can be added with breathable facilities, so that the airflow inside the bag is better, and the garbage is not easy to breed bacteria and odor. Therefore, the flat mouth style of degradable material garbage bags is more suitable for daily use. In addition, some manufacturers can also launch garbage bags of different specifications according to customer needs to meet the needs of different cleaning scenarios.

Of course, the price of degradable material garbage bags is slightly higher than that of garbage bags made of traditional plastic, but it is also more environmentally friendly, and its cost is not high. Therefore, for long-term consideration, degradable material garbage bags are a better choice.

All in all, flat-mouth garbage bags made of degradable materials equipped with breathable facilities are a good choice that is environmentally friendly, practical and reduces social pollution. It not only conforms to the concept of environmental protection, but also can bring a healthier and higher quality living environment, which is a very excellent environmental protection product. Therefore, in daily life, we should shift to the direction of degradable material garbage bags to protect the environment.                                                                                                                                                                            Biodegradable garbage bag, the use of food green grade, harmless raw materials, no formaldehyde, no carcinogens, do not add any harmful substances.

The strength of the bag is good, and the tensile force and load-bearing force are twice that of the traditional bag.

Aromatic odor, rapid microbial degradation after use, will not cause white contamination.

It can be used in kitchen, living room, bathroom and office.







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