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Microwave ovens are one of the most commonly used electrical appliances in our daily life. Once the cold food in the takeaway biodegradable lunch box is "Ding" in the microwave oven, you can get the food at the appropriate temperature you want in a few minutes. In the fast-paced era, it brings us It is a great convenience. However, it should be noted that not all disposable lunch boxes can enter the microwave oven, and these points usually need to be paid attention to.

By checking the order of the ingredients on the product packaging, it is not difficult to find that the plastic material polypropylene (PP) in the common disposable lunch boxes on the market is relatively heat-resistant, and the plastic material identification code is 5. It can withstand high temperatures of about 200°, so it can be heated by microwave.

Polystyrene plastic (No. 6 plastic, PS) may produce different decomposition products due to different heating temperatures, which is not very stable. And it has poor heat resistance, so microwave heating is not recommended.

Tableware made of cardboard, such as common paper cups, and the PE coating used inside the instant noodle bucket are not suitable for heating in a microwave oven because they are not resistant to high temperatures. High temperatures can easily cause internal combustion of the PE coating, which is more dangerous.

Degradable lunch boxes such as disposable sugarcane pulp and wheat straw are made of natural plant fiber pulp, and can be heated in a microwave oven with a high temperature resistance of 220°, which is relatively safe. One thing to note is that if the best grid biodegradable lunch box with a pp cover or a plastic cover is separated from the box body, only the box itself is heated.


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