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Plastic bags are widely used. Even biodegradable plastic bags are now available in the market with various sales services to meet the carrying needs. Biodegradable plastic bags also come in different sizes and types. According to the national standards for biodegradable plastic bags, the main standards include the following three points.

1. Rough distinction

No matter what kind of plastic bags, their carrying capacity and products are different. There is another very important difference between biodegradable plastic bags, which is from the perspective of food. According to the national standard for biodegradable plastic bags, place biodegradable plastic bags in the most conspicuous position to distinguish food and non-food biodegradable plastic bags.


What are the main national standards for biodegradable plastic bags? This is knowledge!

2. Fine-point identification

In addition to the rough distinction, friends who have paid attention to biodegradable plastic bags may find that biodegradable plastic bags have very detailed rules and differences. According to the latest national standards for biodegradable plastic bags, the specific details of biodegradable plastic bags include weight, material, model, logo, etc.

3. How to degrade biodegradable plastic bags

Biodegradable plastic bags not only need to be designed and produced according to national standards, but also need to be decomposed according to national standards.


In fact, in order to complete the overall degradation step of plastic bag products based on biotechnology, the chemical reaction should be combined with various fungi in the air. The specific fermentation degradation cycle is generally about half a year. Compared with the previous plastic bags, the new biodegradable plastic bags are upgraded to new environmentally friendly plastic bags.

On the one hand, it is because of the national standard method of biodegradable plastic bags, on the other hand, the huge demand of the market, especially the white pollution caused by plastics is becoming more and more serious, which tests the actual living habits of the public and technological progress. Therefore, when purchasing professional biodegradable plastic bags, be sure to choose plastic bags that meet national standards.

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