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In this era of fast food, everyone is used to eating takeaway, which is convenient and convenient. So here comes the problem. Many takeaway merchants like to use plastic disposable lunch boxes to pack their meals. Some disposable lunch boxes not only cannot be heated in a microwave oven, but also emit some toxic smells. Most of the plastic boxes will have a triangle logo, and there will be numbers on them. The numbers here represent the material of the plastic container, some are not resistant to high temperature, and some are not easy to clean. There is only one kind of material suitable for microwave heating, that is polypropylene plastic material, and the identification code is 5. If you want to put the takeaway into the microwave oven, be sure to check whether there is (pp) on the plastic lunch box, or whether there is a 5 mark on the triangle arrow. If not, it is best to change to a container suitable for microwave ovens for heating .


It depends on whether there is polypropylene (pp) on the lunch box or whether there is a 5 mark on the triangular arrow. Then someone asked again, can the heated lunch box be used later. My answer is no, use it again. Microwave heating and the oil in the food will accelerate the migration of some substances that may be harmful to the body in the packaging. In addition to plastic disposable lunch boxes, many restaurants also choose this kind of degradable lunch boxes for packaging. It is really the future star of the lunch box. On the basis of safety, health and environmental protection, it can also be heated at high temperature, oil-proof and waterproof. It is your best choice!


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