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With the improvement of environmental protection awareness, biodegradable bags, as an environmentally friendly alternative, have attracted more and more attention and use. Biodegradable bags are degradable and recyclable, which is of great significance for reducing plastic pollution and protecting the environment. However, the correct use method and precautions are equally important. The following will introduce the suggestions for the use of biodegradable bags.

一.Buy Reliable Biodegradable Bags

When purchasing biodegradable bags, you should choose reliable brands and formal channels to ensure product quality and environmental performance. Some low-quality biodegradable bags may contain harmful substances, posing potential risks to the environment and health. Therefore, choosing a biodegradable bag with relevant certification, such as EN 13432, ASTM D6400 and other certification standards, can ensure the reliability of the product.

二.The correct use of biodegradable bags

1. Appropriate use of biodegradable bags

Biodegradable bags are suitable for light-load, dry environments, such as shopping bags, garbage bags, etc. Avoid using biodegradable bags in wet and heavy-duty places, so as not to affect its degradation effect.

2. Avoid Overloading

The carrying capacity of the biodegradable bag is relatively low, and excessive loading will cause the bag to break and affect the service life. Therefore, when using biodegradable bags, it is necessary to load items reasonably according to actual needs and avoid overloading.

3. Avoid heat and direct sunlight

Biodegradable bags are highly sensitive to high temperature and sunlight, which can easily accelerate the degradation process. Therefore, when storing and using biodegradable bags, avoid exposure to high temperature environments and direct sunlight to prolong the service life of the bags.

三. Correctly handle biodegradable bags

1. Separate recycling

Biodegradable bags can be processed by sorting and recycling. Separate biodegradable bags from other recyclables and dispose of them in the appropriate trash can or recycling bin. This can facilitate subsequent processing and recycling.

2. Composting

Biodegradable bags can be degraded through composting. Compost biodegradable bags together with organic waste, and use the action of microorganisms to accelerate the degradation process. During the composting process, attention should be paid to maintaining proper humidity and ventilation to promote degradation.

3. Avoid casual disposal

Although biodegradable bags have degradable properties, random disposal will still have a certain impact on the environment. Therefore, we should develop good habits, properly dispose of biodegradable bags, avoid random discarding, and protect the environment.


As an environmentally friendly alternative, biodegradable bags are of great significance for reducing plastic pollution and protecting the environment. When using biodegradable bags, we should choose reliable brands and purchase from regular channels, and follow the correct usage methods and precautions. At the same time, biodegradable bags must be disposed of correctly, and recycling of resources should be realized through methods such as classified recycling and composting. Only when each of us actively participates can we contribute to the cause of environmental protection and create a better environment.

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