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How to wear and use KN95 masks correctly In the context of the current global epidemic, wearing masks has become one of the important means for us to protect ourselves and others from the spread of viruses. As a highly effective protective mask, the KN95 mask is crucial to ensure its effectiveness when worn and used correctly. The following will introduce some key steps and precautions to ensure the correct wearing and use of KN95 masks.

1. Wash hands: Before wearing a KN95 mask, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer for disinfection. This is to avoid bringing bacteria and viruses inside the mask.

2. Check the mask: Before wearing it, carefully check the appearance of the KN95 mask to make sure there is no obvious damage, contamination or deformation. If any problems are found, the mask should be replaced immediately.

3. Wear it correctly: Put the KN95 mask on the palm of your hand, pinch the nose clip with one hand, put the nose clip part of the mask on the bridge of the nose, and then use the other hand to pull the lower part of the mask to the chin position. Make sure the mask completely covers the nose and mouth and fits snugly to the face, avoiding gaps.


4. Adjust the nose clip: Use your fingers to gently press the nose clip to make it fit the bridge of the nose to prevent air from entering the mask from above. Ensure the fit of the nose clip can reduce the problem of glasses fogging.

5. Check the tightness: Use your hands to gently feel the edge of the mask to ensure the tightness between the mask and the face. If you find a gap or looseness, you can adjust the position of the mask to make it fit better.

6. Avoid touching the mask: Once the mask is in place, try to avoid touching the mask, especially the outer surface. If you need to touch the mask, be sure to wash your hands first or use hand sanitizer for disinfection.


7. Take off the mask correctly: before taking off the mask, also wash your hands or use hand sanitizer for disinfection. Hold the mask with one hand from the side or back and avoid touching the front of the mask. Then pull the mask up from the chin, avoiding contact with the face and clothing.

8. Disposal and cleaning: Put the used KN95 mask into a plastic bag or a sealed bag, and then discard it into the trash can. Wash your hands again or use hand sanitizer to disinfect. Please note that KN95 masks are disposable and not recommended for reuse.

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