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Relaxation is the wisdom of enterprise development. Fast power can make the company grow rapidly, but only "slow" can make us go deeper and farther. In the last issue, we shared the "Fast" Power of the SENGTOR brand in 2022. In this issue, we will continue to focus on the "slow" wisdom of the SENGTOR brand.


Product force


During the three years of being stolen by the epidemic, the whole industry was full of uncertainties. When uncertainty becomes the norm, one of the most effective methods is to return to the product force and deepen the professional field. This also means that the company will slow down and try to maximize the value of its products and industries.


In 2022, the SENGTOR brand  took root in the fertile soil of the main business of degradable products and the surrounding areas of the game, take root in technology research and development, and focus on carving every inch of the texture of the products.


In such an era of rapid development, good things always take time. This year, we conducted market surveys, conversations with customers at home and abroad, and new product tests. The annual new product, with Henwei's collection of APP and supporting card books as its main products, made a stunning debut. Through nearly a year's preparation by the R&D team, it finally went on the market as scheduled, obtained the national software copyright, and is applying for a national invention patent.

Quality power


We know that only by focusing on the long-term accumulation of quality can we stand firm.


No matter how urgent and fast the order is, SENGTOR always insists on the quality of being slow and refined. The product manufacturing process strictly complies with the ISO19001 quality system standardization process, and nearly 100 processes are strictly controlled. The quality team always keeps the strict quality and delivers high-quality products.

"Slow" wisdom is the company's strategic focus. Only by balancing fast and slow can we become bigger and stronger and achieve leapfrog development of the brand.

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