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The Australian government banned plastic bags in the past due to serious pollution and other problems.

However, the New State government recently announced that starting this November, it will ban shops in New York from serving single-use plastic products to customers.

Disposable plastic products include:Tableware, straws, stirrers, plates, bowls, polystyrene food utensils,Cotton swabs and personal care products that contain microplastics.

With the official ban on plastic products, businesses will no longer be able to offer these single-use plastic products to customers. It seems that the government is determined to clean up the environment this time.

According to authorities, more than 2.7 billion plastic items go down the drain in NSW every year,Single-use plastics, however, make up 60 percent of the waste in NSW.

These plastic products, which cannot be degraded, have a lot of harm to the ecological environment and animals. The greenhouse effect caused by the incineration of plastic products has greatly damaged the ecological environment of the earth. How do we know that single-use plastic floating on the surface isn't responsible for killing other Marine animals?

About a million seabirds die each year from plastic, according to authorities.

What you see dying is a very important bird. But put yourself in the bird's body and imagine how helpless it must be before it dies.

The number of dolphins killed by plastic bags is too many to count. Why should they be forced to suffer because we use so much plastic?

To better protect animals, to better protect the natural environment,

The Australian Government and the National Retail Association (NRA) have pledged to work together to help businesses make the transition to a complete plastic ban. Single-use plastic bags are the first plastic product to be phased out in the state this year as part of the new government's plan to reduce waste pollution. That was followed by a series of plastic bans in November.

NSW Environment Director James Griffin said: "Each of us has the ability to respond positively to the ban on a personal level." "Use less plastic." So how does the ban affect our lives? Plastic bags that are 35 microns (0.035 mm) or thinner will be banned across Australia. This includes our old generation's favorite collection of disposable plastic bags.

Those found supplying the banned bags face fines of between A $11,000 and A $275,000. The government also said shoppers in large shopping malls would not be greatly affected by the ban. Because the ban does not apply to thicker plastic bags, waste bags, and basic product bags.


Notably, restaurants will also no longer be able to provide customers with plastic boxes, knives and forks, and straws. This may have an impact on the convenience of people's lives. But think about it another way, it's all about protecting the environment and maintaining a harmonious relationship between man and nature. Here's another reminder: As the plastic ban is further updated, remember to prepare your own utensils when ordering takeout.

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