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If the development of enterprises is a kind of wisdom, then "fast" must be an irreplaceable force. In 2022, the leapfrog expansion of Sente brand is precisely because of the power of "fast", which injects new vitality and possibilities into the development of the brand.

"Speed" of Enterprise Reform

As an enterprise deeply engaged in environmental degradation products at home and abroad, game accessories, intelligent cultural and educational products, non-medical protective products, Sengtor brand has gone for 25 years. The company has grown from a small workshop in the start-up era to an enterprise with more than 300 employees and a production area of more than 15,000 square meters.

In 2022, under the joint leadership of Chairman Ren Xuefen and General Manager Guo Aidong, the company has carried out top-down reform, and adopted "efficient execution" to manage the new bureau. The brand has gone through a year of radical innovation. Culture leads, the unity of knowledge and practice. The implementation of the company's strategic goals is mainly result-oriented, and the team adheres to the corporate culture of "one heart, one knowledge and one practice", so as to forge efficient execution and accelerate the elastic growth of the Sente brand.
"Speed" of product development

Senter is transforming from a single production of environmental degradation products to a comprehensive producer of game peripheral products, intelligent cultural and educational series, air purification series, etc. With the strengthening of product layout differentiation strategy, it plans to complete holographic coverage in the world, which will promote brand potential energy to be translated into sales performance.

In 2022, Sengtor applied for 8 new domestic patents, 7 of which have been certified. The company with product strategy advanced layout, the formation of one-stop product production output. The brand launched the "Henwei Collection APP" online + offline entity big single product, which is committed to making players' collection toys online and convenient. The product has successfully obtained the software copyright and is applying for the invention patent.
The "fast" capacity of the company

Tonnage determines status. Through continuous improvement of the production process, the company can continue to overcome difficulties with efficiency, forming its own unique process production line. Senter brand three production divisions, each of their own duties. In the environmental degradation production line, the annual output of all kinds of plastic bags is up to 1500 tons, and the annual output of plastic stationery is up to 2000 tons; 

In the production line around the game, the annual output of PP plate is up to 1200 tons, high-end leather photo album is up to 800,000 copies, the annual output of leather box is up to 750,000, and the annual output of PP card box is up to 7.2 million. The production line of non-medical protective masks is equipped with 10 production lines, and the daily production can reach 500,000 yuan/day.

"Fast" brand expansion

With the increasing scale of the company, the existing plant resources have been unable to meet the needs of the company. In September 2022, the factory of the new industrial park invested by Sengtor Company was capped, with a total investment of 100 million yuan, covering an area of 10,000 square meters and a total construction area of 30,000 square meters. The new park invested by Sengtor Brand is located in Shiwan Town, Boluo County, in the core area of Boluo Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park, adjacent to the world's top 500 enterprises -- Zhengwei International. With the construction of the new campus, the company's annual target revenue is expected to double growth.

The industrial chain projects of degradable garbage bags and new materials invested in the new park mainly involve the fields of fully biodegradable new materials, fully biodegradable environmental bags, high-end fashion stationery, high-end supporting products around board games, etc. The construction and operation of the new park will lay a solid foundation for the company's rapid development in the future.

In 2022, the overall pace of Cente brand is very "fast", and the brand can develop by leaps and bounds. But we know that there is a balance between relaxation and relaxation, and this year the brand has balanced its growth with a "slow" wisdom. 

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