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100% degradable express packaging bagBe an environment lover who travels far and wide.

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Material: PLA, PBAT, degradable material, corn starch, oxygen degradation, light degradation

Product size: customizable

Thickness: 0.015-0.02mm

Style: flat mouth

Color: black, white, pink, can be customized

Characteristics: It is decomposed and digested by organisms under certain conditions

Shelf life: moisture proof, prevent long time light, sealed storage conditions, can be stored for 12 months.

Degradable express bag is a kind of environmentally friendly express packaging, which is made of degradable materials, can be quickly decomposed and harmlessly absorbed by the environment, is an excellent green express choice. Compared with traditional plastic express bags, degradable express bags are environmentally friendly, recyclable and have wide applicability, let's take a look at this excellent product.

First of all, the degradable express bag is composed of natural cellulose, starch, PBAT and other degradable materials, which not only has excellent degradable properties, but also ensures its excellent physical and chemical properties. This kind of express bag will not cause harm to the environment and human health in the process of production, use, discarding, etc. The use of degradable express bags instead of traditional plastic express bags can further reduce the pollution of plastic waste to the environment and the destruction of biodiversity due to its environmentally friendly nature, and achieve green and low-carbon express delivery.

Secondly, the service life of degradable express bags is similar to that of traditional plastic express bags, and its short life and use effect will not be caused by too fast degradation. The physical properties, size, color, thickness, etc. of degradable express bags can be personalized according to customer needs to adapt to different express packaging needs. Customers can choose degradable express bags of different specifications and colors according to their express type and package weight to meet diversified packaging needs.

In addition, degradable express bags are not only degradable after use, but also recycled. Because the degraded material can be used as fertilizer and soil amendment, it can help restore and maintain the land while producing crops. The use of degradable express bags to achieve the recycling of resources is also an important measure to promote sustainable development.

In addition, the degradable express bag is easy to use, simple to operate, and will not have much impact on the express delivery process. We can pack the courier, put it in a biodegradable courier bag, and then choose the courier service provider to send the parcel to the destination. Whether you use self-operated express delivery or choose a third-party express service, you can use it with degradable express bags.

Finally, as an excellent environmentally friendly product, the cost of degradable express bags is not high. Although its price is slightly higher than that of traditional plastic bags, its degradation performance and recycling value can recover costs to a certain extent, and make the image of enterprises in environmental protection more eye-catching.

Overall, degradable express bags are a green, convenient, efficient and sustainable product. Since its launch, it has received great attention and recognition from consumers and businesses. In the future, degradable express bags have a wide range of application prospects, and will provide customers with better express services while contributing to the cause of environmental protection.

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