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Paper bag

Fully biodegradable packaging bagsBe an environmentalist who uses biodegradable bags

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Material: Paper

Product size: can be customized

Daily output: 50000

Style: Handbag

Color: Black, Baise, brown, red, can be customized

Processing customization: Yes

Purpose: General purpose packaging

Paper bags are an environmentally friendly and practical daily necessities, which are made from pulp and can be reused many times while also being recycled. Compared with plastic bags, paper bags have superior environmental protection and are one of the best choices to reduce plastic pollution.

Paper bags have a wide variety and wide range of applications, from food, beverages to daily necessities, there are different specifications and models of paper bags, which can meet people's various needs.

The characteristics of paper bags are mainly as follows:

1. Environmental protection: the material for making paper bags is pulp, and compared with plastic bags, paper bags are more environmentally friendly. When consumers use paper bags, they can be easily recycled after use, reducing the generation of plastic pollution.

2. Practical: The texture of the paper bag is strong and durable, can carry various items, and is not easy to break. At the same time, it has a wide range of applications, in addition to traditional shopping bags, it can also be used for decoration, packaging, gifts and other purposes.

3. Beautiful: Modern paper bags generally use printing technology, fashionable appearance, a variety of colors, can well meet the personalized needs of consumers.

4. Convenient: Paper bags are lightweight, easy to carry, and can be folded into small items that do not occupy space, which is convenient for consumers to carry and store.

In addition to the above characteristics, paper bags can also be customized according to different customer needs. For example, printing customers' brands, logos, etc., can not only improve brand awareness, but also enhance communication and communication with customers.

In life, paper bags are widely used, the most common of which is shopping bags. Shopping bags are an indispensable item in modern life, with the upgrading of consumption and the strengthening of environmental awareness, a large number of consumers began to pay attention to environmentally friendly shopping bags, paper bags because.Product features: portable style, new material, safe and environmental protection, assured use.Feel comfortable, moisture-proof and dustproof, more effective protection items.Professional edge pressure, goods security is more secure.Can be applied to all kinds of gifts and small accessories.The products are recognized by domestic and foreign customers and liked by consumers.The product can be customized and printed according to the needs of customers.This product is well received by many customers at home and abroad. They are sold to many places.


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